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Streamline Moderne

I’m a great fan of Art Deco and its architectural first cousin, Streamline Moderne, and so nearly every morning I take a moment to appreciate the jazzy-cool curves and nautical lines of the Marine Court building as I pedal along the seafront promenade at St Leonard’s-on-Sea. At fourteen stories high it was the tallest block of flats in Britain when it was completed in 1938, and was designed to resemble the (then) newly launched Cunard-White Star liner RMS Queen Mary. Alas, the years have not been kind to the once glamorous block of flats, or to the town in general, but even so, with a favourable slant of light, it can still call to mind something of the glory days of Art Deco, Streamline Moderne and the summery innocence of the English seaside holiday.  In furtherance of that senses holidays past, I rendered the image in the style of an old linen postcard.