Rolling Countryside, Sussex

What a glorious thing a bicycle is – jaunty, elegant, almost glib in its 19th century simplicity, it’s the first form of independent travel most of us know as children and the last one left to us as adults in this over-governed age of ours. Think of it. For the price of a half-decent tourer anyone who wants to can set off to see a bit of the world anytime they please, near or far, without so much as a by-your-leave to all those jealous authorities who tax, monitor, license and surcharge our every movement these days.┬áSimply pick up your machine and push off. No hoops to jump through, no jackboot security, no tailbacks, advance purchase, cancellations, queues, crowds, speed cameras or fees – just fresh air, an open road and the responsibility for getting yourself wherever it is you want to go.