Morning Sunshine, High Street, Bexhill

Bexhill-on-Sea is an old-fashioned seaside town that still has a traditional high street. The other morning as I pedalled up the street I caught this composition at just the right moment, when the sun burst over the rooftops and cast this slant of hard bright morning sunshine across these shopfronts and their display windows – the one selling model trains and the other, ladies frocks. I loved its innocence and simplicity and the way it called to mind high street scenes from my childhood. The bright colours, setting and shopfronts spoke to the would-be painter in me and I gave the image a slightly painterly effect when I tinkered with it back home.I have pedalled through Bexhill many times but hadn’t noticed this composition before today. But then that is part of the magic of riding a bicycle – one is always seeing new things, or old things in new lights.