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Postcards From Home

It seems like whenever one reads about Hastings in the newspaper the adjectives ‘faded’, ‘shabby’ and ‘deprived’ are always nestled somewhere in the copy. Indeed these same adjectives appear in virtually any story about Britain’s old seaside towns which, sadly, nowadays seem better known for drug use and crime than glorious summer sunshine and bucket-and-spade holidays on the beach. To be sure, there are social problems a-plenty in these seaside towns, but there is also still a lot of beauty and charm if anyone cares to open their eyes to see it. As with so many of the unnoticed vignettes and compositions that lie close at hand around us, no matter where we live, they are best viewed and appreciated from a bicycle, at a bicycle’s jaunty clip and with the openness to experience that spinning along on two skinny wheels seems to inspire. I often bring my camera with me on my rides, to capture some of these moments of light and colour and composition. Later, when I show these images to friends, colleagues, magazine editors – some of whom live in what would be considered quite glamorous locations – I am intrigued and a little bemused by how often I am told how lucky I am to live and ride in such a beautiful place.  And I have to agree. And I think to myself: who needs the transforming magic of an aeroplane journey when you can hop aboard a bicycle, pedal down the street and experience the wonders of travel and discovery in your hometown? Herewith a small portfolio of images from my rides along the seafronts of Hastings, St Leonards and Bexhill. Click HERE