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Cycling the Sussex Lanes: Travels at Home

Spring has sprung and with earlier sunrises and better light on our poorly surfaced roads I have taken to venturing further afield in my morning rides, leaving behind my old familiar winter route through the coastal marshes to Pevensey (and back) and heading inland, into the narrow, winding, hilly lanes in the Sussex weald.

            It’s a different world up there: sunken mediaeval lanes, deep in shadows, the overhanging branches creating tunnels of leaves and rich green ferns flourishing on the embankments in such profusion you could almost believe you were riding in a rainforest, somewhere in the tropics – if it were not for the very English briskness in the air and the foxes and badgers and pheasants one encounters on an early morning ride. This image was taken on an ancient lane that stretches between Pett village and Winchelsea – a reminder yet again that one needn’t fly to the ends of the earth to experience the romance of travel; save a bit of carbon, hop aboard a bicycle and explore the exotic around you.