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Homer’s Wine Dark Sea

Seen along the way: Homer’s Wine Dark Sea. Nearly every morning on my rides I find myself at one point or another pedalling along the seafront and looking out over the English Cannel. It never looks the same twice, not even for five minutes running. There’s always some new twist, some new shade of colour of cast of light, But the other morning, as I was pedalling westbound along the promenade at St Leonard-on-Sea, just on sunrise, I happened to look off to my left and notice these startling colours of sea and sky. It was only in one certain part of the sea, a trick of the light, a certain angle. I loved the richness of the colours and the rippled texture of the water – here surely was Homer’s “wine dark sea”, a descriptive phrase I’ve always admired but could never before quite picture in my mind’s eye. Now here it was before me. Quickly, before the light could shift and take it away, I hopped off my bicycle, grabbed my camera and fired off a few quick frames. I was only just in time. As I stood and watched, the rising sun climbed ever so slightly higher in the sky and the light and colours shifted about and lost their wine-dark richness.