Monthly Archives: April 2017

Zen and The Art – Robert Pirsig

On the subject of maintenance, I note this week the passing of Robert Pirsig, author of Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. As usual, being a step or two or three or four behind the rest of the world I was a late comer to Pirsig’s masterpiece. I didn’t read it until I was…

Tooling Up

My brother and his family have taken up cycling recently and in an exchange of emails over the weekend I was advising him on the sorts of tools and gear it was wise to carry on outings – or at least the sort of stuff I usually carry when I go out for a ride.…

Fickle Fates

Hard on the heels of my post about the death of Mike Hall comes word that Giro d’Italia winner Michele Scarponi was killed on training ride near his home in Italy. Apparently, from what I have read, the driver of a van failed to give way at an intersection, failed to see Scarponi coming along…

A New Beginning

A lonely highway stretches to the horizon in outback Queensland. Photography by Roff Smith

At the risk of sounding – and indeed, being – a bit like Star Wars’ George Lucas, who waited some thirty-odd years before getting back to the continuation of his Jedi Sci-Fi series, I am at last relaunching my suspended cycling blog, although with considerably less fanfare than that generated by Mr Lucas.