Monthly Archives: April 2016

Hippies & Explorers

I was reading a feature on The Guardian website yesterday titled No More Hippies and Explorers: A Lament for The Lost World of Cycling (you can read it here) in which the author, a sometime cyclist, recalls the Arcadian cycling era of his youth and contrasts it with the trendy, fashionable, expensive and heavily Strava-inspired,…

In Search of Lost Time

Beach at St Kilda

In my work-related wanderings these past few months I managed twice to spend a couple of days in my old stomping grounds of Melbourne, the place where I rediscovered the joys of cycling when I was in my early Thirties – a rediscovery that was to have quite an impact on my life and career.…

A New Beginning

Park bench on Observatory Hill in Sydney

After a break of nearly six months I am back in the saddle and rather keen to re-launch my old cycling blog, and along the way re-launch my career as a cyclist. Both, I’m afraid, have been dead in the water these past few months, in a large part because I have been travelling abroad.